/23rd March 2016, RENEWABLE MARKET WATCHTM/ MK Fintel Wind is now constructing its second wind farm project in Serbia – the 6.6 MW La Piccolina project in Vrsac, located in Vojvodina province and expects to commission it by the end of Q3 2016.

MK Fintel Wind is a joint venture, which is 54% controlled by Italian Fintel Energia Group and 46% by Serbian corporation MK Group. MK Fintel Wind commissioned its first wind power farm with 9.9 MW is located close to the northern town of Kula at the end of 2015. Investment cost of Kula wind farm was approximately 15 mln. EUR.

According to the Energy Law (2011), Serbia introduced new feed-in tariffs for renewable electricity and certificates for green energy, to allow producers to export electricity. The certificates would be issued for quantities starting at 1 MWh. A National National Renewable Energy Action Plan of the Republic of Serbia is adopted in May 2013 and published on the Serbian Ministry of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection website.

The Energy Law sets national goals and the plan for the use of renewable sources of the Republic of Serbia („Official Gazette of the RoS”, No. 57/11, 80/11 – correction and 93/12), Chapter VI, Energy from renewable energy sources and incentives, title 1. National goals and the plan of utilization of renewable sources. Serbia is a country rich with renewable energy sources. Renewable energy sources with an estimated technically usable potential of about 6 Mtoe per annum can have a considerable contribution to reduced utilization of fossil fuels and achievement of defined targets regarding the share of renewable sources in the final energy consumption, as well as regarding the improvement of the environment.

More information about Serbian wind power market you may read here: Western Balkans Wind Power Market: Outlook 2016÷2025

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