/25th April 2019, RENEWABLE MARKET WATCHTM/ Greece has announced the results of its 600 MW renewable energy tender awarding 437.78 MW capacity. The tender had been oversubscribed with bids coming in for 637.78 MW capacity (see 600 MW Greek Tender Gets 638 MW Bids). Greek energy regulator RAE reported the weighted average price of the winning bids in the tender was €0.057 ($0.064) per kWh with bids ranging between €0.053 to €0.06472 ($0.059 to $0.073) per kWh. The Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) is an independent administrative authority, which enjoys, by the provisions of the law establishing it, financial and administrative independence. 

RAE was established on the basis of the provisions of L. 2773/1999, which was issued within the framework of the harmonisation of the Hellenic Law to the provisions of Directive 96/92/EC for the liberalization of the electricity market. RAE is obliged to comply with the legality principle. The decisions of RAE that are not solely advisory are subject to judicial review by the Athens Administrative Court of Appeals. Finally, RAE publishes and submits to the Parliament via the Minister of Development an annual report giving detailed information about its functioning and acts.

On 28 February 2019 the RAE launched an invitation to participate in this first joint solar and wind competitive procedure in Greece by issuing Decision 230/2019 (OJ B' 656/2019) and offering state aid for 600MW (400MW were planned for 2018 and half of the quantities for 2019). Among selected solar projects from the tender in April 2019 were 3 projects with 140 MW, 37.37 MW, and 27.68 MW won by one company in Kozanis region. The other winners were EDF Energies Nouvelle’ subsidiary Heliothema Energy’s 60 MW project, SPES Solaris-Solar Concept’s 82.64 MW and 24.23 MW projects. The Italian company Terna Energy won 66.6 MW solar project. One 200 MW project has not been awarded.

Juwi Group, which is one of the world-leading renewable energy companies, informed it has secured 47% of the awarded capacity as the company’s 204 MW Kozani Solar Power Project was selected. It acquired rights to the project in November 2017 and developed it to shovel ready and tender ready stage.

Juwi Group competed with 4 other solar and one wind power project in the 30-minute online tender procedure. According to the Juwi Group the 204 MW solar power plant will be the largest solar PV project in the Southeast Europe once it is connected to the grid by April 2021. Construction of the project on a 400-hectare land in the north of Greece will begin in December 2019. On completion, it will generate over 300 million kWh of electricity annually.

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