/31st March 2020, RENEWABLE MARKET WATCHTM/ This independent, 230+ page report of Renewable Market Watch™ analyzes the corporate renewable PPA market in 44 European countries. Through extensive research and discussions with experts in the industry, Renewable Market Watch™ has identified a series of market trends that will impact investment volume and renewable energy capacity additions under corporate renewable PPA models over the coming decade in Europe.

Corporate renewable PPAs can make a big difference in the transition to a low-carbon economy in Europe by providing developers of renewable power plants certainty on future revenues. The European Union has set targets for the decarbonisation of the economy to reduce our impact on the environment and fight climate change.

The EU Member States need to facilitate the build-out of renewable energy and invest in grid infrastructure to incorporate the changing supply-and-demand characteristics that come with an electricity grid with high volumes of renewable power. Corporate renewable electricity sourcing is set to play a large part in the transition of the EU's economy. It can provide developers with long term revenue stabilisation, allowing them to obtain financing to build renewable energy projects. This is especially important in the Members States, where government support schemes do not provide revenue stability.

Industry analysts of Renewable Market Watch™ used a complex array of research sources to understand better the role of corporate renewable PPAs and their application in European countries under different local regulations. Corporate renewable PPAs will reduce carbon emissions and contribute to the construction of new renewable energy projects. e.g., the RE100, made up of many of the world’s most influential companies have all committed to 100% renewable energy, e.g. Google, MARS, Microsoft, Nestle. Corporate customers are an additional potential source of PPAs for a project. This is particularly important for renewable energy projects as it is becoming increasingly difficult to secure PPAs with retailers.

This report is essential reading for you or anyone interested in the fast-growing corporate renewable PPA market in Europe, including investment trends overview, competitive landscape and forecasting how investment volume in this market will develop over the next ten years. This report provides a comparative analysis of existing mechanisms supporting the use of corporate renewable PPAs in all European countries and highlights the challenges and opportunities associated with their developments. You will also find a detailed explanation of how to classify different corporate PPA models and their characteristics.

Purchasing this report will help your company recognize important market opportunities and understand the possibilities for investment in this area and will receive an overview of how the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) will impact the market. The author of this report, Renewable Market Watch™, has distinguished itself throughout the years by publishing unbiased reports on the development of global renewable energy markets. For your convenience, we offer an opportunity for orders with customized report content. 

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