/11th March 2021, Trina Solar/ Trina Solar Co., Ltd., a leading global solar photovoltaic (PV) and smart energy total solution provider, today officially unveiled a new generation of ultra-high power Vertex modules with a single panel power of up to 670W. The series has obtained the IEC certification from TÜV Rheinland after passing complete reliability tests, and realized mass production. This marks an even higher milestone in the PV 6.0 era and demonstrates that 600W+ is unstoppable in the future.

According to Dr. Zhang Yingbin, Trina Solar's head of product strategy and marketing department, the 670W Vertex series inherits the non-destructive cutting, high-density interconnection and other high-precision technologies of the 210mm modules. With the ultra-high module power, the single string power is up to 34% higher than that of other 500W+ modules in the industry. In addition, 670W Vertex modules maximize the container space utilization in transportation, as a result of which the loaded power increases by 12% and installation cost decrease by 5-7%, creating more room for reduction of LCOE and BOS cost.

The 670W Vertex modules inherit the four 210 key technologies

As a type of 210mm module, Trina Solar's 670W Vertex features non-destructive cutting, high-density interconnection, multi-busbar (MBB) and other forward-looking innovative technologies, with low voltage, high string power and other core features, presenting efficient and reliable product performance. The MBB and high-density interconnection improve module efficiency to up to 21.6%, while the non-destructive cutting pioneered by Trina Solar significantly reduces the chance of cell micro cracking and power loss.

Leading Advantages, 34% higher power generation

Increasing single string power is the core factor to reduce BOS cost. At the launch of the 670W Vertex, Dr. Zhang Yingbin explained that in large-scale power plants, the 670W Vertex has 28 modules on each string (at -20°C). Compared to other 500W+ high-power modules in the industry, the 670W Vertex module achieves a total power of up to 18,760W per string, 34% higher than that of the 500W+ modules. The 670W Vertex module is suitable for large-scale power plants, especially the low-cost power plants which are very sensitive to investment costs, because the 670W modules can reduce the non-silicon cost of wafers and cells for the upstream supply chain, and reduce the cost of trackers, pile foundations, cables and labor when looking downstream. Compared to other 500W+ modules in the industry, BOS cost savings are at least 0.08-0.09 yuan (0.01-0.012€) per watt, hence a significant overall advantage.

Packaging & Transportation

For 600W+ series products, Trina Solar introduced an innovative vertical packaging method, so that the width of the modules is no longer limited by the height of the container. Such packaging makes the best use of the container's internal capacity. Compared with the traditional ways, the power per container increases by 12%, which corresponds to a 12% cost reduction in transportation. In terms of safety, first of all, the factory packaging is completed by automatic equipment to ensure safety and efficiency. Secondly, during transportation, the module pallets are closely arranged inside the container, to avoid shaking; finally, stable and reliable transfer to the project site ensures safe delivery to the customers.


For the stage of unpacking and installation, Trina Solar provides simple and easy-to-use auxiliary tools with standard configuration, which can be used as the support of the box body to ensure the safety in the entire unpacking process. Many empirical studies have proven that 670W modules also support traditional installation methods. Meanwhile, the number of modules can be reduced by about 24% for multi-megawatt power plants thanks to the substantial increase in module power of over 100W per unit, reducing overall installation cost by 5% to 7%. In addition, Trina Solar has started to develop automatic installation machines, retaining only the delicate manual operations such as fastening screws. This will undoubtedly improve installation efficiency, reduce labor costs, and drive down LCOE.

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