/SOFIA, April 24, 2024, 9:00 GMT, RENEWABLE MARKET WATCHTM/ This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Education and Science during the second edition of the career forum and exhibition "Recharge your career", dedicated to the renewable energy industry.

The new list of vocational education and training professions is scheduled for public consultation in June. It will contain professions and qualifications that will meet the future needs of business and the development of the Bulgarian economy. This was said by Deputy Minister of Education and Science, Mrs Marieta Georgieva during the career forum "Recharge your career" 2024, which was held in Sofia.

"The Sector Skills Councils we are now forming will lay the foundation for building a symbiosis between business, vocational and higher education, as well as employers' organisations, trade unions and industry associations. Our aim is to develop policies at the sectoral level and the qualifications that are developed should be created with the leading role of business and reflect their needs and requirements," added Deputy Minister Georgieva.

Dr. Eng. Vesselin Todorov - Chairman of the Solar Academy Bulgaria Association and forum co-organiser, also stressed the importance of a collective approach. "The renewable energy sector offers many highly qualified positions that represent an opportunity for Bulgaria to establish itself as a leading centre of energy innovation in Europe. Through collaboration between business, education and government, we can prepare young people for successful participation in the labour market and increase national GDP.".

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This year's edition of 'Recharge Your Career' brought together leading figures from the renewable energy sector to encourage dialogue between businesses, the education system, and industry bodies to provide skilled staff and development opportunities. For the second consecutive year, the forum provided an opportunity for dozens of young talents wishing to work in the field to network and draw on the experience of established energy experts, which is key to achieving the country's energy goals.

"Business is moving at an incredible pace these days, especially in the renewable energy sector where innovations and new technologies are emerging every day. That is why it is essential to organise such events to reach more young people and motivate them to think about their future and careers from their early school and college years," said Maxim Behar, CEO of M3 Communications Group, Inc. and co-organiser of Recharge Your Career.

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This year, the forum was supported by the Ministry of Education and Science, UNWE, Technical University - Sofia, Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the National Branch Organization for Electric Mobility. At the event, the winners of the first-ever competition in Bulgaria for the preparation of a model of a photovoltaic power plant were announced, with schools from all over the country participating. The grand prize went to the National Vocational Technical School "Sándor Petőfi" in the town of Cracow. The winner of the prize was Prof. Petyo Pio. This competition was organised by Enery and the Solar Academy Bulgaria Association to encourage more young talent to pursue a career in the renewable energy industry. 

At this year's event, the winners of the competition for the preparation of a model of a photovoltaic power plant (PVPP), organized by the company Enery and the Association "Solar Academy Bulgaria", will be announced. Among the participants are four teams from St. Georgi Pobedonosets" - Suvorovo, National Vocational Technical High School "Shandor Petofi" - Razgrad, Vocational High School of Mechanical Electrical Engineering and Electronics - Burgas, and Vocational High School of Electrical Engineering and Electronics "Konstantin Fotinov" - Burgas. The winners will be rewarded with a paid internship at Enery and Apple iPads.

The main partners of the event were Enery and SUNOTEC, and the other partners included Sonnis Energy Bulgaria, Smart Solar and VVT Engineering.,,,,,,, and Renewable Market Watch.

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About Solar Academy Bulgaria

Solar Academy Bulgaria was founded in late 2021 as a response to the need for more awareness, building a sustainable strategy for the development of the energy sector in Bulgaria and helping education to meet the new needs of the labor market. The activities of the Association include the creation of information campaigns to promote the benefits of renewable energy to prospective investors and the public, to communicate areas of concern, and to support education and training in the sector. The association will implement campaigns through the use of media appearances, social networks, organization of conferences, seminars, open lectures, exchange of best practices with countries that have advanced in their development in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency, etc.

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