With recent changes in law and strong government support for the biomass and biogas sector, Ukraine is supposed to become very promising biomass and biogas energy market soon. Currently, in Ukraine, total installed biomass capacity for electricity generation is 31.4 MWel presenting huge growth opportunities for the next 2 years.

The primary RES objective of Ukraine is to ensure compliance with the mandatory renewable energy target of Energy Strategy of Ukraine to 2030. In Ukraine, this target was set at the level of 10 % of the total energy generation capacity. Ukraine is one of the most energy inefficient countries in the region according to Ukraine Biomass (incl. Biogas) Market Outlook 2013 - 2018 and restructuring and upgrading its energy sector continues to be one of the key development challenges for the Government.

Being a large grain producer, Ukraine is one of the six world largest exporters, supplying to 80 countries worldwide. The total biomass potential was estimated at 88,900 GWh per year in 2012. A majority of the potential came from cereal crops straw (wheat, barley, oat, etc.) at 31,400 GWh annually. Approximately 21,300 GWh per year came from animal manure, and another 36,200 GWh per year came from wood wastes.

To get access to a database with operational and planned biomass and biogas projects for 2013 and the next few years you may read here: Ukraine Biomass (incl. Biogas) Market Outlook 2013 - 2018

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