/12th March 2013, RENEWABLE MARKET WATCHTM/ Poland is exciting market for photovoltaic (solar PV) projects development due to its political and economic stability, high prices for electricity and heavy dependence on coal and lignite in power generation, which should be changed to comply with EU renewable policy.

Poland’s neighbouring with Germany, which the largest PV market in the world, creates additional pressure and expectations for the Polish photovoltaic market development. The new renewable energy law is expected to be approved by the government by the end of March 2013. According to Poland Photovoltaic Market: Outlook 2013 - 2018, with the time necessary with obligatory notification process to European Commission (EC) final coming into force of the new renewable energy law would be a bit delayed.

Mandatory targets of the Directive 2009/28/EC on the Promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources set by EU for Poland are 15 % by 2020. According to the Polish National Renewable Energy Action Plan (2010), an intermediate country’s target is 11.9 % share of RES-electricity in the gross final consumption of electricity by the end of 2015. Currently, Poland gives one green certificate per MWh for electricity produced by solar power plants. This is not enough and will be changed with new RES law. Polish photovoltaic business is ranked at 25th place (amongst 40 ranked) at Photovoltaic Indices for February 2013, issue 36 at Ernst & Young Renewable Country Attractiveness Indices. More information about this promising market you may read here: Poland Photovoltaic Market: Outlook 2013 - 2018

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