• LG Chem Flies Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) with Next-gen Battery into Stratosphere

    LG Chem EAV 3 Lithium sulfur battery small

    /10th September 2020, by Lim Jeong-yeo, The Korea Herald/ LG Chem became the first company in Korea to fly an unmanned aerial vehicle using next-generation lithium-sulfur battery into the 22-kilometer-high stratosphere, the company said Thursday. The test flight, conducted on Aug. 30 jointly with Korea Aerospace Research Institute, flew the high-altitude solar unmanned aerial vehicle EAV-3 equipped with a lithium-sulfur battery for a total of 13 hours. During the flight, EAV-3 was able to stably operate in the 12- to 22-kilometer-high stratosphere for seven hours, a feat previously unaccomplished by any Korean company. Carriers are typically unable to fly at that height due to the adverse conditions of temperatures below 70 degrees Celsius and vacuum-like 1/25 atmospheric pressure.

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