• European Council with Proposal for Reduced VAT Rates on Certain Goods Including Solar PV Modules for Residential and Public Interest Use

    Europe Net Metering and Self Consumption Solar Photovoltaic PV Market Outlook 2020 2030 small

    /LONDON, December 7, 2021, 15:30 GMT, RENEWABLE MARKET WATCHTM/ The European Council reached an agreement on a proposal to update EU rules on value-added tax (VAT) rates. The new rules reflect member states’ current needs and the EU's present policy objectives, which have changed considerably since the old rules were put in place. The updates ensure member states are treated equally and give them more flexibility to apply reduced and zero VAT rates. The rules will also phase out preferential treatments for environmentally harmful goods. The current levels of dependence on fossil fuels, the need of reducing the carbon emissions associated with energy use and the prospects of developing a new and highly innovative European technology sector make distributed solar photovoltaic energy generation increasingly attractive. According to the EU Green Deal, substantial fossil fuel capacity needs faster decommissioning to ensure that the EU reduces carbon-intensive power plants by 2030. The rate of replacement of carbon-intensive energy sources by renewable energy to date has already resulted in GHG emissions reductions in the EU electricity sector. Residential and commercial prosumers installing rooftop and building-integrated (BIPV) solar photovoltaic systems and energy storage shall have a vital role in the European clean energy transition by 2030.

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