• SMA Solar Technology AG Sets New Sales Record in 2017

    /28th March 2018, DGAP-News/. SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA/FWB: S92) generated a new sales record in 2017 with around 8.5 GW of inverter output sold (2016: 8.2 GW). SMA Group sales were below the previous year's level at EUR891.0 million (2016: EUR946.7 million). The decline was caused primarily by the sharp decline in demand in the U.S. utility market which could not be compensated for by the positive development in the Asian and European business.

  • A Paradigm Shift for Low and Medium Voltage Grids Regarding Variable Renewable Energy Generation

    Turkey Solar 1 Small

    /31st May 2017, IEA/ The greater uptake of distributed VRE shifts the historic balance of supply and demand in the electricity network and calls for a revision of the institutional arrangements guiding low- and medium-voltage grids. The rise of distributed generation assets – dominated by the rapid uptake of solar PV – translates into the growing complexity of power flows within the distribution grid. This provokes the need for innovative approaches to the planning and operation of low- and medium-voltage grids, with technical, economic and institutional implications. On the technical side, more dynamic and bi-directional flows of electricity (from lower to higher voltage levels and vice versa) require reinforced monitoring and control capabilities as well as upgrades to infrastructure. Moreover, planning standards need upgrading to manage the uptake of large shares of distributed resources. In this context, next-generation VRE technology – such as advanced inverters – can offer technical capabilities to support and sustain safe and reliable operations in local power grids, while also reducing energy losses in the overall power system.

  • SMA Solar Technology AG Announced an Increase in Sales and Earnings in 2022 and Expects Positive Results for 2023

    /NIESTETAL, GERMANY, March 13, 2023, 11:15 GMT, SMA/ Solar Technology AG (SMA/ISIN: DE000A0DJ6J9/FWB: S92) has presented provisional, non-audited figures for 2022 as a whole. The figures report that SMA group sales rose by 8.4% year on year to €1,065.9 million (2021: €983.4 million) despite pronounced procurement supply shortages. Earnings before interest, taxes and depreciation (EBITDA) increased significantly to €70.0 million from €8.5 million in the 2021 fiscal year. This corresponds to an EBITDA margin of 6.6% (2021: 0.9%).

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