• Russia Creates State-backed Wind Energy Investment Fund with €1.4 Billion Target Amount

    kazakhstan wind turbines small

    /17th July 2017, RENEWABLE MARKET WATCHTM, RAWI, RIA/ Russian Association of the Wind Power Industry (RAWI) and Russian Investment Agency “Invest in Russia” (RIA) signed an agreement on the creation of the “Wind Energy Fund” with a target amount of funds of 100 billion RUB (€ 1.4 billion). The main goal is to invest in the creation of wind power. The term of the fund is set at 15 years with the possibility of prolongation. The investment period is not more than 7 years; the target rate of return on projects is at the level of 15%. The main feature of creating an investment fund is using the mechanism of state guarantees of return of funds. According to Russia Wind Power Market Outlook 2016 - 2025, the country has abundant oil, gas and coal production capacity backed up by enormous reserves. Still, it also has the potential to be a giant in the area of renewable energy.

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