• Fortum Targets Gigawatt-Scale Portfolio in Russian Solar PV and Wind Power Markets

    kazakhstan wind turbines small

    /27th September 2017, FORTUM, RENEWABLE MARKET WATCHTM/ One of Fortum’s overall targets is to create a gigawatt-scale portfolio in solar and wind power. As part of this, the company has increased its renewable capacity in Russia. Fortum took a major step in late 2017 with the Bugulchanskaya, Grachevskaya, and Pleshanovskaya solar power plants' acquisition, when it gained 35 MW of solar power capacity. Altogether, the three plants are capable of fulfilling the electricity needs of about 7,000 households. Russia’s Ministry of Energy recently reported that more renewable capacity was put into operation in 2017 than in the two previous years combined, with solar power plants accounting for the bulk of the 140 MW of newly commissioned capacity. According to Russia Wind Power Market Outlook 2018 - 2027, the country has abundant oil, gas and coal production capacity backed up by enormous reserves. Still, it also has the potential to be a giant in the area of renewable energy.
  • Vestas Signed Framework Agreement with Fortum Energy for Russian Wind Power Market

    /21st December 2017, VESTAS/ Following the success of Vestas and OOO Fortum Energy in Russia’s first wind energy auction, the two companies have signed the first order of a binding framework agreement. The framework agreement engages Vestas to supply its 4 MW platform for wind energy projects in the world’s fourth largest electricity market, while the order includes 14 V126-3.6 MW turbines for a 50 MW project at an undisclosed site. The announcement references company announcement no. 25 of 21 June 2017.

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