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Unique market report provides an incisive and reliable overview of drones (UAVs) in oil and gas industry for the period 2016 ÷ 2025...

Update: 1Q 2017
Format: 1 file(s) (PDF report) in English language
Author: Renewable Market WatchTM
Pages: 173
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  • This first ever made unique and independent, 170+ page report of Renewable Market Watch™ analyzes global market for drones (UAVs) application in oil and gas industry regarding market dynamics, technology characteristics, industry structure, innovations and key industry vendors. Through extensive research and discussions with experts in the industry, Renewable Market Watch™ has identified a series of market trends that will impact this market over the coming decade.

    Falling oil prices in the beginning 2016 to their lowest level since 2003 led to high pressure to the global oil and gas industry for emergent cost reduction wherever possible. Oil and gas pipelines with more than 3.9 million km total length worldwide are subject to physical wear out and need regular inspections throughout their lifespan. Maintenance, structural inspections and surveillance activities of oil and gas rigs are costly to plan and execute, and must be done routinely to avoid leaks, production outages and unplanned shutdowns. UAVs offer an attractive cost and time saving option compared to conventional approaches to facility management in oil and gas industry. Several global oil and gas corporations have deployed drones (UAVs), and found that they demonstrated significant, measurable value, including improving industry operator safety. Drones (UAVs) can transmit live, high-definition video, left, and infrared video to inspectors on the ground, who can identify metallic components showing signs of thermal fatigue and locate sources of gas leaks at oil and gas rigs.

    Drones in Oil and Gas Industry Global Market Outlook 2016 ÷ 2025 is essential reading for you or anyone in with an interest in the rising application and role of drones (UAVs) in oil and gas industry, explaining how this market will develop over the next ten years. Purchasing this report will aid your company’s ability to recognize important market opportunities and understand the possibilities for investment in this area. For your convenience we offer opportunity for orders with customized report content. Reasons to buy this market report are, but no limited to:

    • The potential of drones (UAVs) application in oil and gas industry by regions
    • Over 95 charts, maps, figures and tables
    • Historical market data provided from 1997 to 2015 and forecasts until 2025
    • Development scenario of the global drones (UAVs) market in oil and gas industry until 2025
    • Drone (UAV) unit cost and services cost in oil and gas industry industry 2016
    • Regulatory flight policies at global, regional and country level (44 countries) related to the use of drones (UAVs) in oil and gas industry
    • Expected revenue forecast from drone (UAV) sales and related services over the next 10 years (2016 – 2025)
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Market dynamics comprising main market drivers, restraints and challenges
    • Drone (UAV) vendors active in oil and gas industry inspection market (hardware manufacturers)
    • Drone (UAV) inspection services and solutions providers (hardware, optics, sensors, software)
    • Key technologies and innovations as main drivers of drones (UAVs) in oil and gas industry
    • Investment potential and opportunities

    At next pages you will see the full table of content of this report. To order this report just click on the button "ADD TO CART". Table of contents is referential and may vary upon report updates. If you have any other questions or data requests please do not hesitate to call us on ++44 203 60 80 138 or write an e-mail to

  • FOREWORD    11
    1.    METHODOLOGY    13
    1.1.    Research Methodology    13
    1.2.    Limitations    14
    2.    EXECUTIVE SUMMARY    15
    2.1.    Introduction    15
    2.2.    Market Overview    15
    2.3.    Market Forecast Summary    16
    3.    MARKET DRIVERS    18
    3.1.    Oil and Gas Rig Inspection    23
    3.1.1.    Structural Inspection    23
    3.1.2.    Flare Stack and Flare Tip Inspection    27
    3.1.3.    Gas Emissions Monitoring    29
    3.1.4.    Internal Inspection of Bulk Oil Storage Tanks    30
    3.1.5.    Offshore Oil and Gas Rig Inspection Challenges    31
    3.1.6.    Inspection in Construction Phase of Oil and Gas Rigs    31
    3.1.7.    Emergency Inspections    32
    3.2.    Oil and Gas Pipelines Inspection    32
    3.3.    Oil Spill Detection (Response) and Pollution Prevention    33
    3.4.    Surveillance and Security of Oil and Gas Rigs and Pipelines    34
    3.5.    Global Oil and Gas Market Development. Current State and Development Perspectives to 2025    35
    3.6.1.    ICAO REGULATIONS    46
    3.6.2.    NORTH AMERICA    50    USA    50    Canada    53
    3.6.3.    EUROPE    55    EASA - European Level Regulations    55    Austria    60    Belgium    60    Bulgaria    61    Czech Republic    61    Denmark    62    France    63    Germany    64    Greece    65    Hungary    65    Ireland    66    Italy    66    Netherlands    67    Poland    67    Portugal &