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/25th February 2016, RENEWABLE MARKET WATCHTM/ Wind power industry develops with fast paces in the past decade. At the end of 2015, almost 307,000 wind turbines are operational globally, according to the research department of RENEWABLE MARKET WATCHTM. This means more than 900,000 wind turbine blades are subject to physical wear out and need regular inspections throughout their lifespan. Drones (UAVs) could perform inspection work of wind turbines and wind blades quicker, safer and more cost-effective than traditional methods. Inspection techniques provide high definition videos and ultra-high resolution imagery of the blade, which previously was only achievable by rope climbing maintenance team. UAV technology surveyors can sit back and inspect wind turbines very closely for minute cracks, paint peel offs, dents, and others by simply looking at the photos, which UAVs (drones) provide. 

The global wind turbine inspection and other associated services market has been gaining momentum due to the growing wind energy capacity across the globe reveals Renewable Market Watch™ in its recently published report Drones in Wind Power Industry Global Market Outlook 2016 ÷ 2025.  During the contractual warranty period and after warranty O&M contract and related services with the manufacturer, maintenance, inspections and repair actions have to be performed on the wind turbines to ensure their stable and uninterruptible electricity generation. Like the other unavoidable steps when realizing a wind farm project like the development phase, financing process, and construction phase, the operation period requires necessary maintenance and inspection actions to ensure a safe and efficient operation of each wind farm.

Industry analysts of Renewable Market Watch™ used a complex array of research sources to understand better drones' role (UAVs) and their application in the wind power industry. For this reason, a unique approach was applied in the segmentation process to achieve and present a better explanation of fundamental drivers and future dynamics behind the global market of drones (UAVs) in the wind power industry. The market was divided into four main segments:

1) Wind Turbines Inspection;
2) Environmental Impact Assessment of Wind Farms;
3) Feasibility Analyses, On-Site Wind Farm Evaluations and Technical Due Diligence of Wind Farms;
4) Security and Surveillance of Wind Farms.

In this independent, 160+ page report Renewable Market Watch™ analyzes global market for drones (UAVs) application in wind power industry regarding market dynamics, technology characteristics, industry structure, innovations and key industry vendors. Through extensive research and discussions with experts in the industry, Renewable Market Watch™ has identified a series of market trends that will impact this market over the coming decade.

Although the wind turbine inspection services represent the most important aspect of this market and responsible for the biggest share of revenue stream, the other associated services should not be neglected. At the end of our 10-year forecast period (in 2025), overall sales combined of both services and drone (UAV) units in the wind power industry are projected to reach a cumulative value of $7.01 billion (€6.36 billion). This represents significant growth compared to the current market state. Clearly, visible the drones (UAVs) are projected to play an important role in the next decade's wind power industry.

With 97 charts, maps, tables and figures, together with competitive landscape of 50 key companies investigated and overview of drone (UAV) flight regulations in 44 countries in 6 world regions, the report Drones in Wind Power Industry Global Market Outlook 2016 ÷ 2025 gives you a perfect visual breakdown of this market. More information and executive summary brochure you may read and request here:

Drones in Wind Power Industry Global Market Outlook 2016 ÷ 2025

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