Drones (UAVs) in Building and Construction Inspection to Generate 5.89 Billion USD Revenue by 2025

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/7th September 2016, RENEWABLE MARKET WATCHTM/ Today, commercial, residential, and industrial buildings account for almost 50 % percent of global greenhouse gas emissions and 47 % of the world’s energy consumption. The global building stock of 153.1 billion square meters in 2015 need regular inspection and facility maintenance calculated from the research department of Renewable Market Watch™. Use of drones (UAVs) in building inspections and energy audits represent significant area for support of energy efficiency technologies that could help achieve reductions in energy consumption and carbon emissions. An additional 2.5 billion people are predicted to live in urban areas by 2050 according to the United Nations estimation, which means further increase of building stock in next decade and beyond. Drones (UAVs) could perform inspection work of buildings and construction processes quicker, safer and more cost effectively than traditional methods reveals Renewable Market Watch™ in its recently published report Drones in Building and Construction Inspection Global Market Outlook 2016÷2025. With drones (UAVS) will easier to provide emergency response and inspect damaged roofs, collapsed buildings, and other difficult to reach places. This could prove especially valuable after severe storms, when technicians are often unable to assess damaged structures or evaluate claims.

For the global building and construction industry, the applications of drone (UAV) technology expand beyond simple inspection and maintenance activity. In the construction sector, tall and complex structures such sky scrapers, bridges, tunnels and industrial plants, present a danger for personnel, particularly operations that take place at heights in hostile environments where wind and weather require further health and safety attention on the individuals carrying out the tasks. When equipped with the necessary payload, these flying robots can not only fulfill dangerous inspection missions, but also contribute for increasing of entire efficiency and performance of surveillance activities. With the suitable drone (UAV) configuration in place, drones (UAVs) can streamline the entire building and construction inspection and facility maintenance process, saving to building owners and facility managers a great deal of time, stress and money.

The building and construction inspection and other associated services market has been gaining momentum due to the growing demand for cost effective, fast and reliable inspection services, growing building stock and urban population, and implementation of energy efficiency policy measures across the globe. Considering that building inspection often faces harsh environmental conditions and the logistical difficulties, it is clear that facility management maintenance is a constant challenge for property owners and facility managers. Drones (UAVs) are quickly becoming the obvious tool to complete inspection works that are traditionally time consuming, resource intensive, dangerous, expensive, or all the above. The use of drones (UAVs) by facility managers seems like a next logical and smart step. Technicians no longer need to take dangerous missions or use expensive equipment to inspect the conditions of their facilities. Physical inspection of buildings is the old way of thinking, which will be changed driven by technological innovations behind drones (UAVs).

Global building stock and urban population growth will exhibit further stable increase by 2025. In our analysis using proprietary historical database we forecast fast growing market of drone (UAV) application in global building and construction inspection industry. We have analyzed a number of important factors, which will affect development of this young, but very promising market. Drone (UAV) application in global building inspection and construction industry is in early stage. However press releases for new companies, UAV hardware, software, sensors, optics and patents nowadays are occurring on a weekly basis, compared to quarterly basis publications only 5 years ago.

In its independent, 175+ page report of Renewable Market Watch™, Drones in Building and Construction Inspection Global Market Outlook 2016÷2025, analyzes global market for drones (UAVs) application in building and construction inspection industry regarding market dynamics, technology characteristics, industry structure, innovations and key industry vendors. Through extensive research and discussions with experts in the industry, Renewable Market Watch™ has identified a series of market trends that will impact this market over the coming decade.

Industry analysts of Renewable Market Watch™ used a complex array of research sources to better understand role of drones (UAVs) and their application in building and construction inspection industry. For this reason unique approach was applied in segmentation process to achieve and present better explanation of fundamental drivers and future dynamics behind the global market of drones (UAVs) in building and construction inspection industry. Market was divided into four main segments:

1)    Building and Construction Inspection;
2)    Energy Efficiency Audits and Thermography of Buildings;
3)    Bridge and Tunnel Inspection;
4)    Industrial Plants and Facilities Inspection.

Although the building and construction inspection services represent the most important aspect of this market and responsible for the biggest share of revenue stream, the other associated services should not be neglected. At the end of our 10-year forecast period (in 2025), overall sales combined of both services and drone (UAV) units in building and construction inspection industry are projected to reach cumulative value of $5.89 billion (€5.3 billion). This represents significant growth compared to the current market state and clearly visible the drones (UAVs) are projected to play important role in building and construction inspection industry in the next decade.

With 96 charts, maps, tables and figures, together with competitive landscape of 51 key companies investigated and overview of drone (UAV) flight regulations in 44 countries in 6 world regions, the report gives you a perfect visual breakdown of this market.

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