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/23rd July 2019, RENEWABLE MARKET WATCHTM/ The Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE) of Greece has announced its plans to launch solar and wind power auctions (tenders), with a combined capacity of more than 512MW, has been revealed in the regular update of the study ’Central East and South-East Europe Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Power Market Outlook 2018÷2027’. Competitive bidding will start on 7 October 2019, with two distinct categories – the solar tender will focus on photovoltaic (PV) generation smaller than 20MW, with a total capacity of 287 MW, and a maximum allowed bid price $73.66 per MWh, in a reverse auction. In the wind category, Greece will award 225 MW of capacity with a maximum allowed bid price of $75/kWh. Interested developers in both tenders will have time until November 4 to make online submissions and will be required to submit hard copies of their bids by November 7. RAE will announce final results between December 12 and December 20. According to the tender’s rules, RAE will allocate the whole capacity only if bids in excess of 40% of the total are received. In 2020 1 MW out of 3 MW in Greece should come from renewable energy sources RES.

Renewable Energy Incentives in Greece

From 2017 electricity from renewable sources in Greece is promoted through a feed-in premium granted by participation in tenders. In December 2016, a pilot tender for PV only took place. In 2018, two tenders for PV and wind energy took place. In addition, a new tax regulation mechanism and subsidies are available under the 2016 Development Law along with a net metering scheme. Renewable energy sources for heating purposes profit from a new tax regulation mechanism and subsidies foreseen in the Development Law, as well as an income tax relief. The main incentive for renewable energy use in transport is a quota system. In addition, there are a new tax regulation mechanism and subsidies available under the Development Law. Access of electricity from renewable energy sources to the grid shall be granted according to the principle of non-discrimination. With regard to the use of the grid renewable energy shall be given priority. Grid development in Greece follows a central planning procedure through the issue of Development Study of the Greek Transmission Grid 2017-2026 (DAP). 

Key Solar Projects in Greece

Juwi’s 204 megawatt solar park wins at auction in Greece. With the Kozani solar park, the project developer secures almost 50 percent of the auction volume. The awarded project, which is the largest solar project in South East Europe is located in the north of Greece about 15 kilometers away from the city of Kozani. In December 2019, juwi will begin with the construction of the solar park on an area of more than 400 hectares. It is scheduled to be connected to the grid by April 2021. The solar park is expected to produce more than 300 million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually. juwi acquired the project rights in November 2017 and developed the project to market maturity..

MECASOLAR, a leader in the construction of photovoltaic systems and trackers, signed a contract with Entec Constructions Contractors for 2 projects in the Thebes area, totalling 1MWp. In the two above-mentioned projects, with a power of 500KWp each, the new MECASOLAR model, will be used HYPERION-SR®, the most advanced horizontal tracker (single-axis category) on the market.

SPI Energy Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: SPI), a global provider of renewable energy solutions and crypto-miner hosting services for residential, commercial and utility customers, today announced that SP Orange Power (Cyprus) Limited (“ SP Orange”), a subsidiary of the Company, has completed its previously announced second-stage acquisition of 100% of the equity interest of HELIOHRISI S.A., which owns 1.998 megawatts ("MW") of photovoltaic projects in Greece, from THERMI TANEO Venture Capital Fund (“TTVCF”) with the purchase price of EUR € 1.7 million per MW.

The more information about the renewable energy market in Greece, including full contact details of renewable energy project owners, developers and stakeholders, you may read here: ’Central East and South-East Europe Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Power Market Outlook 2018÷2027’. Furthermore, you may receive up to 4 quarterly updates.

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Note: This article has been updated on 16th September 2019.

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