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/19th November 2020, Clenergy/ Тhе PV-ezRack by Clenergy remains committed to developing innovative mounting systems and solutions for the global market. Thanks to multiple tests conducted in the past few months, the company's R&D team has launched the latest ‘Elevate series’ with its premier product, SolarBalcony mounting system. PV-ezRack® SolarBalcony as the name suggests is a brand-new mounting structure for PV installations on high-rise balconies. See below the top 3 benefits of this newly released solar mounting solution. Easy Installation for Battery Power All pre-assembled parts allow for fast, easy, and cost-efficient installation. Looking for a solar power for your off-grid battery. This mounting frame brings you one step closer to achieving this. Manufactured using 6005-T5 Aluminium alloy and 304 stainless steel in different anodized thicknesses, PV-ezRack® SolarBalcony features excellent corrosion resistance and durability. It applies to coastal regions and many other harsh environments, which are more susceptible to corrosion. 

PV-ezRack® SolarBalcony has an adjustment range, making it compatible with commonly sized balconies with metal railings.

South Korea is the fourth-largest economy in Asia. It is also one of the top 10 GW-Scale solar markets in the world, ranked among the top 10 players since 2014.

Based on the Renewable Energy 3020 Implementation Plan released by the South Korean government in 2017, renewables will account for 20% of its energy sources by 2030. By 2040, renewables are anticipated to occupy a larger proportion, reaching up to 35%. One of the factors affecting renewable energy deployments lies in the lack of available land in South Korea.

Vincent Chan, Regional Manager of International Sales Department at Clenergy commented: “Compared with other mounting systems used for residential solar projects, PV-ezRack® SolarBalcony can be attached to the balconies of buildings directly, requiring very little space while generating sustainable energy for daily use.”

Daniel Hong, CEO at Clenergy commented: “We are glad to be a part of South Korea’s encouraging programs for renewable energy projects and transition in its energy mix, contributing to the ambitious goals towards less dependence on coal and a reduced carbon footprint.”

PV-ezRack® SolarBalcony has passed the stringent wind test, run by Korea Conformity Laboratories (hereinafter referred to as “KCL”). Tested from angles varying from 0° to 90°, with a wind speed of 50m/s, the product has been certified by KCL for use in South Korea.

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