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/BRUSSELS, October 1, 2021, 9:00 CET, WindEurope, SolarPower Europe/ Join us for RE-Source 2021. The RE-Source Event is the annual gathering of corporate buyers and clean energy suppliers, where existing challenges are tackled and future solutions are born. Join us to learn, share experiences and do business with companies in Europe. The 2021 event will take place in the Okura Hotel in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on 14-15 October. Exclusive activities will also be available to corporate buyers on 13 October. Whether you’re an experienced buyer or seller or new to the market, this is the event for you. Be part of our growing community, get inspired, and succeed in powering your business with clean electricity. 

Agenda and Speakers

We have organised a full agenda of relevant, in-depth sessions for RE-Source 2021 with speakers from the worlds of corporate purchasing, policy, finance, renewables and beyond. The in-person sessions will enable informative exchanges on the issues important to you, including:

• Virtual PPAs
• Fit for 55
• Additionality
• Guarantees of Origin
• National markets
• Renewable hydrogen
• And much more!

You will find the event agenda and list of speakers here.

B2B Matchmaking Meetings

The B2B Matchmaking meetings at RE-Source provide a unique opportunity for renewable energy buyers and clean energy suppliers to connect and find potential new collaboration partners to meet their energy needs.

Whether you’re an experienced buyer or supplier or new to the market, participating in these meetings will help you develop stronger and longer-lasting business connections.

If you have any questions, please contact Diana Barrios

During the past four years, thousands of B2B meetings have taken place facilitating several PPA deals between the attendees. They’re an excellent opportunity to find out more about what energy procurement solutions are available.

All our participants agree that the B2B Matchmaking meetings at RE-Source are an ideal way for generating real prospects and for having meaningful networking discussions with people who are truly relevant for your business.

Whether you’re an experienced buyer or supplier or new to the market, participating in these meetings will help you develop stronger and longer-lasting business connections.

Exclusive Activities for Energy Buyers

We have arranged exclusive activities for energy buyers. These include the Buyers Bootcamp, a participatory buyers-only workshop that will give you the opportunity to learn from peers and identify priorities for collaborative and coordinated action and a 2.5-hour PPA workshop by Pexapark that will focus on sophisticated pricing for corporates.

Throughout the conference, there will be opportunities to network during lunch, dinner and coffee breaks.

Registration information

Registration is now open!

We expect that registrations will fill up fast, so don’t miss the opportunity.

Register for RE Source 2021

About RE-Source 2021

SolarPower Europe, WindEurope, RE100 (led by The Climate Group in partnership with CDP) and WBCSD established the RE-Source Platform to drive the uptake of PPAs, renewable energy investments and increase the number of corporates buying renewable power from 100 to 100,000. This is the first multi-stakeholder alliance in Europe bringing together the interests of clean energy investors, buyers and suppliers. This Platform pools resources and coordinates activities to promote a better framework for corporate renewable energy sourcing at EU and national level.

The RE-Source Platform also organises an annual RE-Source Event – the largest and most influential corporate sourcing event in Europe. The RE-Source Event brings together all the major PPA and on-site renewable energy players – from buyers to sellers to policymakers and more. The RE-Source 2021 event takes place on 14-15 October at the Hotel Okura in Amsterdam. For more:

 About Renewable Market Watch™

Renewable Market Watch™ is delivering strategic insight into emerging renewable energy markets through its experienced research team and cutting edge predictive analytics data platform. We partner with our customers to provide research, data and consulting reports in areas appropriate to their specific requirements. One of our best studies for corporate sourcing of renewable electricity is Europe Corporate Renewable PPA Market Report 2021 ÷ 2030. Our primary focus is emerging renewable energy markets of the Asia Countries, Balkan countries, Central and Eastern Europe, CIS states (the former Soviet Union), LATAM countries, and MENA countries. For more information about Renewable Market Watch™ please visit:

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