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/MUNICH, October 26, 2021, 11:30 CET, RENEWABLE MARKET WATCHTM/ Green hydrogen will play a crucial role in the climate-friendly energy mix of the future. The Green Hydrogen Manifesto, which was presented today as part of The smarter E Europe Restart 2021 at Messe München, provides valuable insights and inspiration on how to promote the use of this energy source. With this manifesto, the initiators Hydrogen Europe, German Hydrogen and Fuel-Cell Association DWV, European Electrolyzer & Fuel Cell Forum EFCF and The smarter E Europe aim to send a clear signal in favor of decarbonization and a sustainable circular economy.

Whether it’s the Fit for 55 package in Europe or the forming of a new government in Germany: A new foundation is being laid – also for the energy market of the future. Green hydrogen is a key element for a climate-neutral economic system. As a main feature of a sustainable energy supply, green hydrogen enables intelligent networks across the energy, heating and transportation sectors. Under the heading “The Green Hydrogen Manifesto”, the manifesto aims to help drive the advancement of green hydrogen in Europe. “Against the backdrop of the current realignment in politics, our manifesto aims to encourage decision-makers to factor in green hydrogen – whether in the energy sector or the economic sector,” says Werner Diwald, Chair of the German Hydrogen and Fuel-Cell Association DWV. “Because hydrogen that is produced from renewable sources is not only important for the energy transition. More importantly, it also provides huge opportunities for the economy of the European Union.”.

Europe as a model for the introduction of green hydrogen

Along with the German DWV, authors of the manifesto include Hydrogen Europe as the European umbrella organization for the hydrogen and fuel cell industry, the European Electrolyzer and Fuel Cell forum EFCF and The Smarter E Europe, the innovation hub for new energy solutions. The manifesto is aimed at policymakers in the European Union as well as national governments and politicians. “We want to show policymakers how important green hydrogen is for a circular economy and decarbonization, and motivate them to take action,” says Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, CEO of Hydrogen Europe. “In the future, Europe must lead the way in introducing this energy source while also ensuring and enhancing prosperity and prospects. That is our responsibility for the future and for climate protection.”

The manifesto defines how Europe can live up to its leadership role by laying out twelve demands, including a guiding framework and targeted incentives as well as measures to ramp up production volumes and reduce costs. The first demand is: The CO2 content of energy carriers should serve as the new currency for energy systems. Other specific recommendations include, for example, the certification of hydrogen as a global commodity, the appointment of a dedicated EU Hydrogen Special Envoy in charge of driving forward the EU Hydrogen Strategy and partnerships with third countries, and a legal framework at the EU level for the regulation of hydrogen networks.

Selection of the Renewable Market Watch™ as one of the signatory parties of this highly important document for the European hydrogen power sector development is recognition for the outstanding research and analytical capabilities of the company.

Here you may download The Green Hydrogen Manifesto.

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