Gain critical understanding of the Central-Eastern and South-Eastern European (CEE & SEE) solar energy markets
and make highly profitable investment decision.

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This exclusive document has been designed to provide you with the information you need for success in the booming CEE & SEE photovoltaic (solar PV) energy market. The FREE report contains 31 pages in PDF file and gives you access to in-depth market analysis and:

  • Country by country energy profiles for you to compare the advantages of each market and make the most advantageous investment choice
  • Last-minute update on local feed-in tariffs, power purchase agreements (PPAs) with their duration period and relevant legal catches to be aware of to avoid losses
  • Total energy generation capacity compared to installed solar generation capacity to easily calculate your market share, and to understand where is the money going and how to you turn it your way
  • Reduce the risk in your portfolio by comparing the investment and economic conditions in all CEE & SEE countries

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