/LONDON, June 22, 2023, 9:30 BST, Renewable Market Watch™/ Against the backdrop of the European Commissioner for Energy’s statement “What will determine whether we reach – or miss – our goals are the actions we take every year until 2030” we find themselves at a future-defining crossroads. We are delighted to be partnering with Renewable Market Watch on – Reuters Events Energy Transition Europe 2023 (13 – 14 November, London) gathering leading European energy stakeholders to navigate the $5 trillion European transition opportunity, setting in motion a profitable pathway to net zero goals.

Two dedicated days of learning and networking, 50+ executive speakers, and 350+ European decision-makers in the room to reap the returns by 2030 and deliver the first net zero continent. Follow the link below to receive a brochure of the Continent’s Most Senior Attended Energy Transition Summit.

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As a trusted voice of the European energy community, we host two dedicated days of learning and networking, 50+ executive speakers, and 350+ European decision-makers in the room, we get on track for 2030 goals. Here’s what you can expect to gain from the summit:

  • Exclusive Updates from Europe’s Largest Net Zero Champions: Uncover the milestones of the European energy paradigm shift and move fast to claim greater market share, hearing from stakeholders such as Christina Verchere (Chief Executive Officer, Petrom) and Sandro Pierri (CEO, BNP PARIBAS Asset Management) sharing business transformation strategies, avenues for sustainable investment, portfolio diversification and clean technology deployment.
  • Dedicated Networking Opportunities with Extended Value Chain: Build partnerships and network with decision-makers across oil & gas, utilities, renewable power generation, and hard-to-abate sectors and engender a realigned era of sectoral collaboration, supply chain synchronisation, and rapid decarbonisation.
  • Focus on Solutions to Key Problems: Secure vertical, actionable knowledge from experts who tackle key diversification to get ahead of meaningful energy transition issues.

Get your brochure and find out more today!

The continent’s energy ecosystem is at a critical juncture. European stakeholders must act now, or risk being left behind by exponential green growth. The table is set for a net zero future. Are you ready to take your seat?

If so, as a reader of Renewable Market Watch, you can take advantage of an exclusive discount for a ticket to the event head to Reuters Events: Energy Transition Europe 2023  and enter RMWLAUNCH to redeem $200 off. We look forward to seeing you in London in November.

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